Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Books

I have been reading lots more books lately and forgot to update my blog with them! I have been enjoying reading books by Lemony Snicket because he is funny and exciting. Did you know that he was thought to be dead once? I'm not quite sure why, but since that he has researched lots of things, like what happened to him. The books of his that have been reading are part of the Series of Unfortunate Events.
It all started when Violet, Klaus and Sunny were exploring Briny Beach when Mr Poe the bank manager came to tell them some horrible news about their parents. They had been killed in a terrible fire that had destroyed their mansion. After the horrible news, they were forced to stay with Mr Poe until he could find a suitable guardian for them. The guardian, of course, was not one bit suitable for them. He was a nasty man called Count Olaf who treated them like dirt, and thought up treacherous schemes to make their lives miserable.
Violet, who was 14, was an excellent inventor. Klaus, 13, had a love for books and research and Sunny, just a baby, had teeth as sharp as a knife and loved to bite things. They always find themselves in danger. Can they survive with their unique skills?


  1. I love that name....Lemony Snicket! The series sounds wonderful and I know how much enjoyment you are getting from these stories. Another lot of books to add to my "To Read" list I think.

  2. Wow, this story sounds so exciting! I look forward to finding out what happens to those children. I hope the evil Count Olaf gets his come-uppance! (Now there is a word to ask Mum about!)
    Love you, from Martha xxx


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