Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Legend of the Guardians

I haven't been on my blog for ages so I forgot to update it!

Lately I have been reading The Legend of the Guardians series by Kathrine Lasky. The books are all about owls, how they live and what they do. But it's fiction so it is not just boring facts.

Soren and his owl family live happily in the hollow of an old fir tree in Tyto. Soren's Mum and Da tell him Legends which he believes are true. His big brother Kludd thinks differently. He believes they are not true and thinks they are not cool. He hates Soren because his Mum and Da give him lots of attention because he is willing to listen to the Legends. One day Kludd has had enough of all the attention and pushes Soren from the nest. Soren can't fly and plummets to the ground. His Mum and Da are out hunting and don't notice. He is then captured by St Aegolius Academy for Orphaned owls and taken away. How will he escape?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

You'll come a-waltzing matilda with me.........

Right now I am reading a beautiful book called A Waltz for Matilda. It is set in 1894 and based on the poem by A.B. 'Banjo' Paterson.
Twelve-year-old Matilda lives in the city where she works in the jam factory. She gets three shillings (about 30 cents) a week. She lives with her mother and has to pay rent for a flat. When Matilda's mother dies, the struggle increases so she decides she's had enough of the city and leaves to find her long lost father in the country. When she finally finds her father, they go waltzing matilda (which means, looking for work with swags). Then her father dies by jumping into a creek to save himself from getting shot. Life is looking pretty traumatic for Matilda, but is managing to look after herself.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Books

I have been reading lots more books lately and forgot to update my blog with them! I have been enjoying reading books by Lemony Snicket because he is funny and exciting. Did you know that he was thought to be dead once? I'm not quite sure why, but since that he has researched lots of things, like what happened to him. The books of his that have been reading are part of the Series of Unfortunate Events.
It all started when Violet, Klaus and Sunny were exploring Briny Beach when Mr Poe the bank manager came to tell them some horrible news about their parents. They had been killed in a terrible fire that had destroyed their mansion. After the horrible news, they were forced to stay with Mr Poe until he could find a suitable guardian for them. The guardian, of course, was not one bit suitable for them. He was a nasty man called Count Olaf who treated them like dirt, and thought up treacherous schemes to make their lives miserable.
Violet, who was 14, was an excellent inventor. Klaus, 13, had a love for books and research and Sunny, just a baby, had teeth as sharp as a knife and loved to bite things. They always find themselves in danger. Can they survive with their unique skills?

Monday, February 14, 2011


Right now I am reading the Magyk series and it is all about Wizards. Ordinary Wizards, Extra Ordinary Wizards and even Wizards that are ghosts! That might sound a bit boring because it's all about Wizards, it's not. It's really quite interesting.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Two More Down

I finished The Puzzle Ring and also Shadowgate by Emily Rodda (one of my FAVOURITE authors). Shadowgate is the 2nd book in the 3rd series of Deltora Quest and it is great!

Lief, Barda and Jasmine are searching for the Sister of the North, the Shadow Lord's evil creation, to try and rid Deltora of the powerful force of hatred and evil that he possesses within him.

The Isle of the Dead is the 3rd book in the 3rd series of the Deltora Quest which I love to bits!

On the weekend my family and I watched Bride Wars. It is so funny because the two main characters Emma and Liv (Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson) who are best friends can so easily turn into enemies over their weddings.

 On Monday my sisters and I went back to school. I am in year 6 this year, Bethany is in year 3 and Mia is in year 1.
I am glad to be back at school after six long weeks at home!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Book........

Sometimes I read a few books at once because it's fun to get to know a few different story lines. That's why I've started to read The Puzzle Ring.

The Puzzle Ring takes a long time to get into, but it is really interesting after a while. I'm up to chapter 4 now and things are getting exciting.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


 I have finished reading The Heart of Glass and have started a new book which is called..........

Mini Shopaholic is really an adults book but I nicked it off Mum and I read the back of it and it sounded really good so I started to read it.
Becky Brandon has a two year old daughter called Minnie. Minnie's favourite word is 'mine' and she creates havoc everywhere she goes. She has even started to bid for designer bags on eBay!