Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Book........

Sometimes I read a few books at once because it's fun to get to know a few different story lines. That's why I've started to read The Puzzle Ring.

The Puzzle Ring takes a long time to get into, but it is really interesting after a while. I'm up to chapter 4 now and things are getting exciting.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


 I have finished reading The Heart of Glass and have started a new book which is called..........

Mini Shopaholic is really an adults book but I nicked it off Mum and I read the back of it and it sounded really good so I started to read it.
Becky Brandon has a two year old daughter called Minnie. Minnie's favourite word is 'mine' and she creates havoc everywhere she goes. She has even started to bid for designer bags on eBay!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm Reading...

I'm about halfway through this book and so far I am really enjoying it. The Heart of Glass is about some princesses and princes in the Five Kingdoms but it's not a fairytale as it sounds. It has a twist. Prince Marcus goes on an adventure with an orphan called Gracie Gillypot who is his best friend, to the Unreliable Forest where a tree grabs Gracie and pulls her into a tunnel........

The Fables of Aesop is a very ancient collection of short tales. Each one teaches you a famous life lesson, like "slow and steady wins the race" and "honesty is the best policy". I reckon some of the tales are a bit hard to understand, but some are really good.

Mum's been reading this to my sisters and I at bedtime.  The writing is soooooo old fashioned and weird, but it is so funny we crack up laughing every now and then.
It has lots of songs in it, and even though Mum doesn't know the tune she sings them to us anyway!